The reliability and accuracy of mechanical drift indicators, the speed and user-friendliness of electronic technology

Records even the slightest changes in the drill angle – as small as fractions of a degree – so the drill path can be quickly and efficiently corrected back to vertical. Makes maintaining a Controlled, absolutely vertical drill path easier than ever.

• Helps ensure accurate, reliable drill paths
• Tracks clock battery run-time to minimize survey run errors.
• Sensors are fully temperature-compensated. Temperature changes across the full operating temperature range cause drill angle orientation readings to change by less than 1%.

Guards against loss of crucial drill path data
• Monitors base voltage level to ensure continuous, trouble-free operation.
• Archives all surveys in memory so they can be viewed and re-printed at any time.
• Includes a diagnostic LED that indicates whether the tool is operating properly.
• Recovers survey data even after power loss or loss of communications with the tool .
• Provides administrative options that enable system managers to set users/passwords and to protect access to certain functions.
• Includes security features that protect survey data.